CanGames 2018 has ended
To register for CanGames: Please follow the steps below to reserve a game slot:

   1. Note the game codes (e.g. 1B01T) for those games in which you wish to reserve. 
   2. Download the registration form here. Fill in the form (including the game codes from step 1) and send it to the registrar at registration@cangames.ca.  We need one form per person even if you are paying for a group. 
   3. Pay for your registration by PayPal, cheque or in person at the location(s) listed on the form. 

You can create an account to save a customized itinerary to print out, view online or add to your mobile phone. 

***Your customized itinerary  on sched.com is for your convenience only. Game seats can only be reserved on your registration form. Registration forms are processed by the CanGames registrar, on a first-recieved, first-reserved basis. In the case of any discrepancy between your sched.com personal itinerary and the registrar’s records, the registrar’s records will be considered correct. CanGames will not verify or correct your sched.com custom itinerary.***

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Saturday, May 19

09:00 EDT

3B09C - Dominion Big Box Y3LIMITED 3B38T - The Capo *CANCELLED* X4LIMITED 3B40C - Get you Agricola ass handed to you Y4LIMITED 3C02AN - Panzerkids C3LIMITED 3C05AN – Zany Zoo - Escape the Central Park Zoo! C4LIMITED 3C10AN – Talisman C3LIMITED 3M12D - Champions of Akathena D4LIMITED 3R57AN – Fate of the Norns: Ragnarok III C7LIMITED 3B12N - Project EOS Rise1 Playtesting C6LIMITED 3R01C - Midnight at the Oasis F3LIMITED 3B07C - Iron Dragon Beginner Y1LIMITED 3B08T - Iron Dragon Intermediate Y2LIMITED 3B10C - 1865:Sardinia D7LIMITED 3B11C - Steam Over Holland *Moved to Sunday 9AM* E7LIMITED 3B30T - Brass X1; X2; X3LIMITED 3B41T - Britannia Z1; Z2; Z3; Z4LIMITED 3B50N - Here I Stand W1LIMITED 3M03N - Grey Wolves at Dusk D1; D2; D3LIMITED 3M06N - Bagotrix Goes to Town *CANCELLED* B1; B2; B3LIMITED 3M22C – FLIGHT FROM THE APOCALYPSE II: TRUMP TOWER B4; B5LIMITED 3M28N – That Battle of Heligoland Bight - 1914 B6; B7LIMITED 3M29N – Battle for Helms Deep D5; D6LIMITED 3M38N - Flames of War, Battle for Estonia II C5LIMITED 3R05X - A Song (and Dance) of Ice & Fire I F4LIMITED 3R07C - Cassandra on the Road to Nowhere I F6LIMITED 3R14N - The Dream of the Undying Queen F1LIMITED 3R26N - DDAL07-04 A Walk in the Park *FULL* G1LIMITED 3R30N - DDAL07-10 Fire, Ash, and Ruin G3LIMITED 3R33N - A Colour Out of Space F2FILLING 3R46N - Snakes on a Boat F5LIMITED 3R50N - Simple Superheroes: Song of the Earth I G4LIMITED 3R53C – Metal Men Book 4 - The End E1LIMITED 3R62N – Headspace - Fight the Future E2LIMITED

09:30 EDT

10:00 EDT

11:00 EDT

14:00 EDT

4B18N - Mai Star1 X4LIMITED 4C03AN - Mobile Frame Zero: Rapid Attack Demo C3LIMITED 4C05AN – Zany Zoo - Escape the Central Park Zoo! C4LIMITED 4C07AN – The Mottled Fur of Rage C4LIMITED 4M10T - D&D Monster Mash I D3LIMITED 4R57AN – Fate of the Norns: Ragnarok IV C7LIMITED 4R64AN – Honey Heist E5LIMITED 4B12N - Project EOS Rise 2 Playtesting C6LIMITED 4B32C - Dominant Species Y2LIMITED 4M18T – Trench Raid B3LIMITED 4R59N – Vanagard E4LIMITED 4R67N – Ross Rifle: Bloody Passchendaele I E6LIMITED 4B03T - Lords of Waterdeep Z1; Z2; Z3LIMITED 4B05N - Eldritch Horror Y1FILLING 4B47T - Axis and Allies Original X1; X2; X3LIMITED 4B56T – Sekigahara: The unifaction of Japan II D6; D7LIMITED 4B58C-Archipelago Y3LIMITED 4M04T - Trumpets in the Sky D1LIMITED 4M05N -Battle of Ft. William, Jacobite Rising 1746. D4; D5LIMITED 4M13D - Battle of Wilhelmstahl 1762 B1; B2LIMITED 4M23C – FLIGHT FROM THE APOCALYPSE II: TRUMP TOWER B4; B5LIMITED 4M36C - CanGames Sprint D2LIMITED 4R03N - 5 Across the Heart! Preview Game I F3LIMITED 4R08N - The Grey Harbour Company F4LIMITED 4R09C - Marvel vs DC, Suicide Squad vs the Sinister 6 part 2, Revenge of the 6 F2LIMITED 4R11N - Les Secrets des Sables Brûlants F6LIMITED 4R15N - Station 3 Had Gone Silent! F1LIMITED 4R28N - DDAL07-05 Whispers in the Dark G1LIMITED 4R36N - After the War F5LIMITED 4R39N - Through a Forest Wilderness G3LIMITED 4R40C - Yellow King Role-Playing Game: This is Normal Now I G4LIMITED 4R41C - The Diplomats of Mars *FULL* E1LIMITED 4R43D – High Plains Samurai: Showdown in Yung Zhi E2LIMITED 4R58X – Eyes in the Forest II E3LIMITED

16:00 EDT

19:00 EDT

20:00 EDT

21:00 EDT